Taijiquan Section



Taijiquan is the largest part of my website. Within it there are 7 sections:

1. Beginners - this gives details about my beginners classes including cost, directions, Registration Form etc. (Articles for beginners are NOT here and can be found here.)

2. About Taijiquan - this includes a description of taijiquan, a brief history of taijiquan and detailsed information about Chen Style Taijiquan, its teaching methods and current and past masters.

3. Classes and Curriculum - this has my class schedule with times, my sunday training schedule, details of my school's curriculum and a listing of forms, exercises etc.

4. Wang Hai Jun - this section has information about my teacher, his seminars, camps and DVD's

5. Articles - this is the largest part of the Taijiquan section of my website. It contains my own articles. It also contains all the good articles I have read including those written by Wang Hai Jun, Chen Zheng Lei, Chen Xiao Wang, Zhu Tian Cai, Wang Xian and some other top practitioners alive today.

6. Book and DVD Reviews - this sections has my book review and rating of every Chen Style book written or translated into English as well as reviews and recommendations of some DVD's

7. About Nick's Taijiquan - this section gives details about my training and teaching history and about students who have studied with me